Personal Branding Session in Crystal City, VA: Kristina, Urban Conservation Specialist

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Meet Kristina

Kristina is an Urban Conservation Specialist, a native plant enthusiast, and a lover of all things fashionable yet functional. By day, she spends her time out in the field identifying plants and siting Stormwater infrastructure. By night, she has a side gig at Athleta helping women find clothes that fit their active lifestyles. When Kristina is not grinding away at her two jobs, you can find her working out at Orangetheory or Solidcore, going on long hikes with her rescue pup Khaleesi, or exploring a new brewery. In the Fall, she will be attending George Washington University to complete her Master's in Sustainable Urban Planning.

Our Crystal City Session

Kristina and I met up in Crystal City on an early summer morning. Since Crystal City has a nice blend of green space within the city, we decided that was the perfect session spot for this Urban Conservation Specialist. Taking the cityscape as inspiration, we combined both the parks and city aspects to underline and support Kristina’s passions through her imagery.

Boss Babe Lesson Learned

Kristina is a total powerhouse and has a ton of good insight to share. For other lady bosses she said the following: “Position yourself to receive all the blessings that this world has to offer - both personally and professionally. Nothing is worse than being presented with an opportunity but not having the time or wherewithal to fully take advantage of it! On a professional level, this means setting boundaries, saying "yes" to things that will only help you leverage yourself to a promotion and saying "no" to things that will weigh you down. Surround yourself with colleagues that will help you reach your goals and always ask questions when things are unclear. Even if you are not actively seeking or pursuing another job/promotion, it's still good vibes all around to be a dependable, motivated person in the workplace. On a personal level, make sure that you are giving yourself the love/care that you deserve! Whether that be eating right, working out, or carving out an hour or two on a Sunday for a glass of wine and a face mask. You cannot show up 100% for those in your professional life if you don't feel 100% in your personal life.” I couldn’t agree more with her solid advice!