Personal Branding Session at the US Capitol Building: Abhya, Medical Student

Catching snowflakes by Capitol Hill

Meet Abhya  

Abhya is a medical student here in the nation's capital. A few of her favorite things: sipping hot coffee, practicing physical exam maneuvers on her very patient cat, crocheting octopuses for NICU babies, and teaching sex-ed to 6th grade girls in the city. Seriously, this woman is amazing!

Our Branding Session

A massive snowstorm swept DC  last weekend. Abhya agreed to meet me at the Capitol Building at dawn for her session and we hiked up around the famous (/infamous) hill, the fresh snow crunching under our feet. Abhya wore ~4 layers (much smarter than myself) and continued to shed layers for different looks, including changing her snowboots while standing up. What did I say earlier about her being amazing?

Boss Babe Lesson Learned

Each girl boss I work with has a lesson to share. Abhya is an incredibly giving, caring soul. May she inspire you to reach for the stars and search for ways to help others that bring you joy!