How Can I Be More Productive: The Easiest Hack For Creative Entrepreneurs

Batch Your Work To Save Time

You’re sitting at your desk, switching between the blog post you’re trying to write and scrolling through Instagram on your phone, all while listening to a podcast about improving your business. Been there? Me too! Multitasking may seem like you are getting more done in a smaller amount of time, but it can actually do the opposite and end with poor results.

In a world where multitasking is the normal, it can be hard to find productivity tips that actually work. Enter batch work.

WTF is batching your work?

Literally, batching your work means arranging your tasks into groups. By grouping your to do list and tackling categories of tasks at a time, you reduce your time switching between tasks and allowing you to become more focused on what you are doing. Rather than moving from social media engagement to writing client emails to planning content for the quarter each day, you can get the next month of blogs done in one sitting.

Batching is not a new concept by any means. But it is a tried and true tactic that can help anyone, from corporate worker to creative entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneurs’ secret weapon to tackle work

As an creative entrepreneur with a 9-5, time is my greatest commodity. When I am not at my day job, I have a limited amount of personal time and business time. I want to either be as productive as possible or I want to be having fun! To ensure productivity and have more time for fun, I batch my work. For example, I write blogs like this in batches (normally 5 at a time). On another evening, I will plan my social media for the month. This allows me to get way more done, instead of anxiously switching between tasks.

These are the basic categories that have worked for me:

  • Email

  • Social Media

  • Writing

  • Client calls

  • Planning/Research  

  • Paperwork and administrative tasks

  • Working on a specific process (ie fixing a workflow)

How Get Started ASAP

  1. Look at your to do list

  2. Group tasks together (writing blog posts and writing a newsletter could be grouped in the same day, while paying taxes and filling out paperwork may be grouped together)

  3. Schedule time for each category and put it on your calendar

  4. Do the dang thing girl!

Example of what my schedule as a full-time worker looks like with batching photography work

Example of what my schedule as a full-time worker looks like with batching photography work

Some More Tips

  • Avoid all distractions. That means stop scrolling and put down that phone! To truly batch, you need to allow yourself to get into the zone.

  • Use a focus playlist to block out the outside world. Opt for instrumental, no lyrics music as that could cause distraction.  

  • Color code your calendar so you can see exactly what you should be doing when.

  • Build in breaks. We aren’t robots (even though we are all well-oiled machines now) and we deserve time to rest. Relaxing is a key part of being productive.

Have you batched in the past? What works for you? Let me know in the comments below.