Grow Your Business With Personal Branding Photography

Gain more clients with professional images on your website

First impressions are everything.

Your website is like a handshake, your social media like the first chat over coffee. As a brand, your visuals make the first impression with potential customers. Your images can be the line between hire-able and not, making these photos a crucial part of your business’s growth. What do you want them to think when they virtually meet you?

What is personal branding photography?

If growing your business is your goal for 2019, personal branding photography should be your first stop in your overall strategy.

Pull up you website and look around. You’ve probably got a headshot and hopefully photos of your products if you are a maker. Let’s examine more closely…how many years ago did you take that headshot? Are those product photos done on your bedsheet with an iPhone? And if you provide a service, where are your photos?

Cue the hallelujah chorus, personal branding photography is the answer you are looking for. Personal branding sessions are designed to visually tell the story of what you do and why you do it via detail shots of your products and equipment, lifestyle shots, photos of you in action, you with your products, etc. The images you’ll gain instantly upgrade your virtual presence and set you apart from the competition, making you memorable, professional, and personable.

What do I use the photos for?

In short, everything.

No, really, put these pictures up everywhere. Show your clients your products, highlight yourself in action, and introduce yourself to them with a picture. Images create an opportunity for connection with your ideal client. They show your client who you are and why they should hire you above the others. Connecting with your audience will bring in more clients and, as a result, more profit.

There is no shortage of places that need personal branding photos to bring your business to life:

  • Website

    • Your “About Me” page

    • Landing pages

    • Sales pages (they have to know what they are buying!)

  • Social media

    • Profile pictures on each account

    • Content, including photos of you, your services, and your products

  • Newsletters

  • Email signature

  • Any marketing materials, from brochures to pricing guides

In addition to boosting your brand, having these photos on hand will help you simplify and banish photo-related stress. No more scrambling to take a good iPhone picture that is “good enough” or asking a friend with a camera to take a blurry picture for you. Having photos at the ready for any occasion will make your life easier, while creating a polished, cohesive feel.

Ok, you’ve convinced me - I need these photos!

Ready to upgrade your biz? A photo is worth a thousand words! Book a session today.