Personal Branding Session: Kelsey, Program & Communications Manager

Kelsey Project Manager Personal Branding Session

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey is a program and communications manager for an Ivy League university working to tackle economic development challenges around the globe. As an "operationalizer" this lady boss is always figuring out how to turn ideas into realities. Kelsey has traveled to Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, and Kenya working to build the capacity of local teams to better run program operations. An explorer at heart, she adventures with her dog Winney, visits her friends around the country, and is always planning her next personal travels.

Our Branding Session

Kelsey and I arranged her session in Cape Cod over the summer. As the sun set over a rocky beach, we got a mix of more casual lifestyle shots (hello Instagram!) and more 9-5 professional shots (hello LinkedIn!). With our toes in the sand we had a blast finding the best spots on the beach.  

Boss Babe Lesson Learned

Each girl boss I work with has a lesson to share. Kelsey has said that her greatest professional accomplishments (and most rewarding experiences) have come from times when she didn't feel prepared. She advises all boss babes: “To succeed, sometimes you just have to trust yourself and make the jump!” I wholeheartedly agree - as entrepreneurs and brand makers, we all need to take a leap of faith in our work.